What We are

We Provide a Digital Platform To Educated housewives to realize their true potential and achieve economic independence.

Many educated housewives in our friends circle, neighbor and in our family, who engaged in household work and children.

When we get together they always talk about their education and potential. they also want to earn money and spend their life according to their wish But they cannot step out from the house.

In Response, Kesaviweb Solutions and Empowerwit group Committed to jointly develop an online platform for women's learning and economic empowerment (www.empowerwit.com)

On March 2021, this platform was launched.

Since, then empoerwit has grown into a global movement with our team.


We are dedicated to empowering women to achieve their full potential by inspiring women to become web designer, web developer, social media marketing manager ,social media marketing specialist, change makers and leaders in their community . We equip them with resources, opportunities and global Platform that networking learning and sharing of experiences.


A world where every woman is able to use their potential, make her own decisions, and earn.